jChampionsConf 2023

This was the third edition of jChampionsConf. As the name implies, all speakers of this conference are Java Champions. The 100% virtual four-day conference (January 19, 20, 23, and 24) is available on the JChampions Conference YouTube channel.

Don’t worry if you missed a talk when it was LIVE. You can always go back and check it out at any time on YouTube!

Since I didn’t have a talk at this year’s edition, I volunteered as moderator for Has the J2EE vs Spring Infinity War reached an End Game? A short history of Java for the enterprise by Antoine Sabot-Durand. It was a very good talk where Antoine took us through the major events from the 20-year history of Enterprise Java. I highly recommend it!

One thought on “jChampionsConf 2023

  1. One of the best summaries i found in the Internet. It is not a secret that some us feels a need to document JEE changes vs. Spring changes, and even a paper-book would be nice to read that could explaining why some design decision were done in the way were done that time in the past.
    Nothing about JMX but this is the forgotten part of JEE, today majority of the config. is injected by env. variables at the application startup (for SpringBoot, not sure how this is done in MicroProfile) but it would much easier to control some parts of your code by MBeans or a solution like that etc…
    Maybe next time this can be explained, what Spring inherited from JMX, because now the pressure on feature toggle approach in development is very high (JMX perfectly matches for this requirement).

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