Hashtag Jakarta EE #191

Welcome to issue number one hundred and ninety-one of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

Last week, I wrote that Jakarta Data will be included in Jakarta EE 11. The vote passed with flying colors. Currently, there is a vote going on in the Jakarta EE Platform Project to decide whether it should be included in Jakarta EE Web Profile as well. This vote seems to be a little tighter, so my guess is that it will not be included in the Web Profile. It will then be up to the implementors to decide whether they want to include it or not in their Jakarta EE Web Profile compatible products, and up to the developers which implementation to choose for their applications. Jakarta Data can always be included in Jakarta EE Web Profile in a later release if that’s what the community decides.

While I’m enjoying my last week of vacation before the fall conference season hits us with its broadside, here’s a task for you: Check out your local JUG or community to see if there are any events coming up in your neighborhood. For those of you in the Amsterdam area, check out Picnic Java Meetup on September 6 where I will be one of the speakers.

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