EclipseCon 2023 – Community Day

Monday at EclipseCon is the Community Day. This year, we introduced the Community Day for Java Developers, a two-track mini-conference filled with talks from amazing speakers. The day was brought to you by the Adoptium, MicroProfile, and Jakarta EE working groups at Eclipse Foundation in collaboration with iJUG.

With 100 registered participants, the Community Day for Java was a great success. The program was set up with alternating talks in German and English, as well as alternating topics which forced the participants to switch rooms between each session. This strategy laid the ground for a very busy hallway track.

The day ended with a Meet and Greet reception for all the participants and speakers from all the community days. Talking to the participants from the other working groups in an informal setting is excellent for the cross-pollination of experiences and ideas across these communities.

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