Hashtag Jakarta EE #128

Welcome to issue number one hundred and twenty-eight of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

The ballot for Jakarta Security 3.0 will conclude tomorrow. This means that all of the individual specifications that are a part of Jakarta EE 10 are approved! So when can we expect Jakarta EE 10 (Platform, Web Profile, and Core Profile) to be final? The plan was to start the ballot for these specifications by June 9 and release them on June 23 with a big announcement on June 28.

That ship has unfortunately sailed due to the work with getting Eclipse GlassFish to pass all the tests in the TCK taking a little longer than expected. The reason why GlassFish is so important is that it is the only implementation that implements absolutely all features of the specifications, including the OPTIONAL ones. As the process is defined, there has to be at least one implementation that does this in order to ratify the specification. Until we either get rid of the OPTIONAL features or remove the requirement that one implementation has to implement them all, GlassFish is, and will be, the de-facto reference implementation*).

The plan is still to release Jakarta EE 10 as soon as possible. Hopefully, just a week’s delay from what was originally announced. Worst case, it slips a couple of days into July. There will still be a Jakarta EE 10 Release Celebration Tech Talk on June 28. Please sign up and join us there!

*) Note that there is no mention of a reference implementation in the Jakarta EE Specification Process (JESP). The exact phrasing is “A Specification Version must identify at least one Compatible Implementation under an Open Source License that implements all optional elements of the Specification and fulfills the requirements of all elements (including optional elements) of the TCK.

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