EclipseCon 2022 Registration is open

The registration for EclipseCon 2022 is open. This year’s EclipseCon will take place in Ludwigsburg, Germany from October 24 to October 27.

There are some great Jakarta EE talks for you to attend! Also, remember to browse the complete program as there may be other topics that you will find interesting as well.

Here are a couple of arguments you can use if you need to convince your boss to be allowed to go to EclipseCon 2022:

  • Inspiration – get inspired by attending talks by some of the greatest speakers in the community
  • Network – meet and mingle with committers from all of the Eclipse Foundation projects
  • Learn – listen to domain experts
  • Master – participate in the hands-on-labs, or contribute to open source projects in the hackerspace
  • Discuss – use the opportunity to discuss issues from your daily work with other community members in the hallway

We Are Developers World Congress 2022

We Are Developers in Berlin is a massive event! It’s been a long time since I have been among so many people in one place. This would be considered a big crowd even by pre-pandemic standards.

My talk Get Ready for Jakarta EE 10 was scheduled as one of the first talks on the opening day of the conference. It was well attended, and those I talked with after the talk were happy and appreciated it.

We Are Developers is a polyglot event catering to a larger crowd than the usual more Java-focused events. Still, there were a lot of familiar faces. It was great to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones.

One advantage of having a conference in a big city like Berlin is that there are loads of options for what to do when not present at the venue. I spent a couple of hours in the Berlin Zoo before my flight home, and there I came across this fellow. Is it Duke in disguise? Has he lost his red nose? After a closer look, I can assure you that Duke is fine, and this is just a baby panda enjoying a nice chunk of bamboo for breakfast.

JNation 2022

JNation is an awesome, community-focused conference located in beautiful Coimbra, Portugal! More than 800 attendees showed up for this one-day event. You can see a majority of them up on stage after the opening keynote in the image below.

This time, I was accompanied by Tanja on stage. In our talk titled Jakarta EE 10 and Beyond, we gave an overview of a selection of specifications included in Jakarta EE 10, as well as a sneak peek into what to expect from Jakarta EE 11.

Take a look at the slides from the talk if you missed out on our session.

Java Day Istanbul 2022

As I promised in Hashtag Jakarta EE #126, here is a short recap of my weekend in Istanbul and Java Day Istanbul 2022. The eighth edition of this conference had an online part on Friday, whereas the main conference day was in-person on Saturday.

Traffic in Istanbul can be a challenge on weekdays, so it is a good strategy to have the conference on a Saturday.

I did a talk titled Jakarta EE 10 – Feature by Feature where I went through the new features introduced in Jakarta EE 10. I demoed a couple of the features, including the new API for Build Compatible Extensions in CDI 4.0 lite.

Java Day Istanbul is a community-oriented conference that is supported by the Istanbul Java User Group. It is well organized and features a great lineup of speakers and content. It was my first time speaking in Istanbul, and I surely hope it won’t be the last.

GeeCON 2022

This was my first time speaking at GeeCON. It is a yearly three-day conference in Kraków, Poland, with around 700 participants. This was the 12th edition of the conference. There were three parallel tracks. My talk titled Jakarta EE 10 is Coming YOUR Way, was on the second day of the conference.

Even after 15+ years of performing live demos on stage, it still baffles me when a demo that was not supposed to work, works perfectly fine when run on the big screen… And since GeeCON is in a cinema complex, the screens are really huge.

In the morning before my talk, Otavio and I had a lovely morning run before breakfast along the Vistula river. If you look closely at the picture, you can see the pig floating on the river behind us. Explanations of what it symbolizes differ, just google “Weird Poland” and see if you can figure it out…

Jfokus 2022

That was Jfokus 2022. As usual, an excellent conference hosted by Mattias and his team!

My talk titled Get Ready for Jakarta EE 10 went well. A couple of hours before the talk, I added a brand new demo of the Java SE Bootstrap feature of Jakarta RESTful Web Services 3.1.

I also did the Jakarta EE 8 to Jakarta EE 9.1 migration demo and decided on stage to take it all the way to Jakarta EE 10 instead. Some unexpected hiccups and surprises with the milestone build of GlassFish I was using, but that is sort of expected of a live demo…

Thanks, Mohammed for the picture and tweet of me on stage during the demo!

On Wednesday morning, we had the first annual Jfokus morning run. I brought Jakarta EE shirts to all attendees as you can see from the picture below. Next Jfokus will probably be at the usual time in February, so I guess I will have to bring something a little warmer than t-shirts then…

Umedev 2022

Umedev is one-day a developer conference for and by the local developer community and IT industry in Umeå. It is completely free for attendees This year’s edition featured three parallel tracks, so there were lots of great content to choose from. Most speakers were local with a couple of exceptions, myself included.

I presented Jakarta EE 10 is Coming Your Way after the lunch break. The presentation contained an overview of what’s coming in Jakarta EE 10 as well as a live demo of converting from older versions to Jakarta EE 9 and above.

It is great to be out talking to developers at these regional events. It is a way of expanding the bubble with influence from developer communities I’m not regularly a part of.

JavaLand 2022

JavaLand 2022 is a wrap! This is one of my absolute favorites when it comes to conferences, and this year finally back to in-person after being online the last two years. A bit smaller than usual, but with 100% community spirit!

This year, I had two Jakarta EE talks included in the agenda.

Both the talks were located in the Arena de Fiesta, where the stage is made up of ice(!). There was a thin carpet laid out on the ice under the speaker stand, but I can assure you that it was pretty cold at the end of the talk. Didn’t actually help that the M1 processor doesn’t provide any excess heat during the demo either. Almost made me miss my old Mac…

In addition to these two talks, we also set up a Jakarta EE Panel Discussion to fill an empty slot. The panel was made up of Emily Jiang, Christian Kaltepoth, Rudy De Busscher, Werner Keil, and Jan Westerkamp in addition to yours truly.

The JavaLand organizers were kind enough to give Eclipse Foundation a free booth in the Exhibition Hall where we featured Adoptium and Jakarta EE.

The Jakarta EE Developer Survey 2022 is open, and waiting for YOUR input!

CodeMash 2022

CodeMash is a conference I always enjoy very much coming back to, so I was extremely pleased when they decided to have a conference this year despite all that is going on. It really shows that it is possible to arrange in-person events in a safe way.

If I should describe CodeMash in one word, it would be Friendly. It is an extremely good vibe at the conference. It does, of course, help that it is held in the conference center of an indoor water park. The organizers are 100% transparent regarding the organization, budget, and everything else.

CodeMash offers a mentoring program for new speakers. When you get a talk is accepted, you get the question of whether you would consider mentoring a new speaker or be mentored by an experienced one. Since I consider myself pretty experienced as a speaker, I signed up as a mentor this year as well.

I think mentoring programs like this one is an excellent idea and would encourage anyone offered to participate in one to do so!

My talk, Jakarta EE 10 is Coming Your Way! was scheduled for the last day of the conference. Actually to the last time slot before the conference closing session. Usually, I prefer to be scheduled earlier in the program, but I guess that’s how every speaker feels. At CodeMash they have a closing session with a raffle, so there is another incentive for the attendees to stick around rather than beat the traffic on Friday afternoon.

To sum up, CodeMash was an excellent start to the 2022 conference year and I hope to be back next year! I also look forward to speaking at lots of conferences in the upcoming months and meeting up with community members in the conferences-within-the-conference happening at meals, parties, and hallways between and after sessions.

JakartaOne Livestream 2021 CFP is OPEN!

JakartaOne Livestream is a one-day virtual conference that focuses on Cloud Native Java, MicroProfile, and Jakarta EE. The Call for Paper is open from July 15 to September 15. But don’t wait, submit your abstract NOW for a chance to speak at an event attended by more than 1000 participants. Check out the previous events for inspiration:

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